Loving Lately - Vol. 1

Hi all! I thought I'd start off my blog with a series of what I'm loving lately. This is a weekly compilation of products, articles, recipes, anything that catches my eye & that I think is worth sharing. Enjoy some easy reading & eye candy, and I hope you find inspiration. 

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1 - Modern Pendant Light

While browsing pendant lights for a client, I came across this geometric pendant that would be stunning in an entry!  I love the shape & contrast of the metal against the glass.

2 - Barn Living

Last year my husband & I bought 40 acres in the middle of nowhere, about an hour north of us. He's a huge outdoorsman & it appears we're raising 3 more outdoorsmen. So he came home this weekend after spending the day working up there & talking to his friends, and proposed the idea of building a pole barn cabin. And I said, "Like this? Sure!" I don't think this is quite what he has in mind, but maybe I can work my magic...

3 - Strawberry Moscow Mule

It's strawberry season here in Michigan! I love taking my boys to pick scads of berries each summer. Of course we make strawberry jam & eat too much shortcake, but this Strawberry Moscow Mule is happening next week! Who's up for cocktails?

4 - B&W Outdoor Rug

I re-shared this patio renovation by Chris Love Julia on my Instagram earlier this week & I muddled over that rug for all of 12 hours until decided to go ahead & buy it!  I love how they layered it on top of a natural rug to save a bit, but I went ahead & splurged on the 8'x10' to cover the majority of our concrete. For years I've been wanting to make our back patio a relaxing extension of our home. We LIVE outside in the summer, so that alone warrants a comfortable space to enjoy, in my opinion.  As I type, we only have two gliding chairs & a garden stool out there. I think I'll take you along on the journey of flipping that area to make it more appealing.

5 - Hygge in the Summer

Danes. They're happiest of folks. We have some Danish friends, and I have to say, they do seem quite happy! I loved the idea of Hygge in the winter, because who doesn't love being cozy inside when it's freezing outside? But I might love summertime Hygge more... This is sort of an extension of above, but with indoor tips, too. And if you don't know how to pronounce Hygge, do yourself a favor & listen to the YHL Podcast, Episode #39. That's another thing I'm loving. 

6 -Sellers' Market

I don't know about where you live, but here in West Michigan, it's a total sellers' market. My friend & I like to send each other beautiful homes for sale to drool over. She sent me this one the other night & I scheduled an appointment for the next day -- I had to see this one in person! Those builtins are as fantastic in real life as in photos. And that kitchen! While we're not sure if we actually want to move, it got me thinking: if our house were for sale as is, would I buy it? Maybe I need to edit & spruce... again. 

Leave a comment & let me know if you're sipping on a Strawberry Moscow Mule, basking in the glow of your new pendant light, on your new rug! 😉