Loving Lately -Vol. 5

Heeeey! I decided to take last week off, so I apologize for the lull around here. We were up north for the holiday weekend, then came home for 3 nights & headed back to the cottage last weekend. #justcantgetenough But I'm back with more of what I'm loving lately!

As always, click on the photos for a direct link.

1 - Flippin' RV

We all know about flipping houses, but flipping RV's? Whoa. I want to live here! The backsplash tile, the white & wood everywhere; I love it all.  There is something so appealing about these tiny spaces. I love a cozy nook & the fact that there's a lot less to clean is pretty sweet, too. But my children would be like caged animals... soooo maybe something for retirement?

2 - Planner Freebie

If you're already looking for a planner for 2018 (who isn't?!) then don't forget to check out The Handmade Home's FREE version.  I'm not sure why, but I've been wanting a new planner recently. I'll blame it on my Prime Day browsing. But this one... this one has TONS of options & you can print what you want & need. The designs are beautiful & you can tell they put a lot of thought into the variety of pages. I think I'll go with the floral cover. What will you choose?

3 - Prime Day Pickin'

Speaking of Amazon Prime Day - did you do any shopping?? I could have done a lot more damage, but I contained myself. I bought the Paderno spiralizer & I'm ready to spiralize all thee veggies! I have the spiralizer attachment for my KitchenAid & after a few short months, it's not working well anymore. Also, I finally ordered an InstantPot! I've been in a cooking rut lately, so I'm excited to try some new & *faster* recipes. And I love that the pot is stainless instead of non-stick. No toxins!

4 - DIY Modern Dining Table

Simple & perfect. I LOVE this table! Those chunky legs & the joining at the bottom... swoon. We don't need a new dining table, but I could certainly find a home for a scaled down console table version of this! 

5 - Island Benches

And it looks like I've got some building to do in my future! We have a smaller peninsula in our kitchen with room for only two stools comfortably, but we have three boys. Our youngest isn't quite 1 1/2, so I have plenty of time before we need this.  I love the number detail & would burn it into the wood for sure! 

6 - Miracle Morning

Call me crazy, but mornings are my favorite time of day. #introvertproblems I'm up between 5:30-6 & enjoy drinking my coffee & scrolling on my iPad in silence. However, I started to realize how unproductive that time was being spent, until a friend invited me to join her Facebook group dedicated to the Miracle Morning routine. Now I'm focusing on my goals, reaffirming my purpose & directing my day with a a short reading (which I've actually been reading 3 times a day to remind myself!). 30 minute for YOU. Try it! Now, if I can get myself to workout before the rest of the house is awake...

Enjoy your weekend & jump into the Morning Miracle on Monday. :)