Inspiration - Masculine Design & a Peak into My Process

I started a couple new projects this week - one being a family kitchen, master bathroom, mudroom/laundry room reconfiguration & the other is a single man looking to find his own style in his living spaces.

My typical clients are married couples, most with families, who are trying to find a design they can all live happily with. I've also helped many single women, but only a few men. I'm excited for the opportunity to create a masculine space, using some key elements - reclaimed wood, zinc, leather, metal & crisp textures. 

My design process usually goes a little something like this:

  • After the initial consultation, where I take measurements, photos & discuss your space with you, I start by drawing out your room(s) to scale & settle on a furniture layout.
  • I like to create a mood board for each room that might not make a whole lot of sense if you see it without an explanation. I pull photos that inspire me to work toward finding the right colors & textures that remind me of your style.
  • From there I hop online & start pulling furniture from a bunch of sources. Eventually I narrow it down to what will fit in your space & budget, while maintaining the look we're after.
  • I'll add those selected pieces to a floor plan all to scale so that you know how your room will be laid out & what goes where. Then I take photos of the furniture, fabrics & fixtures & create a design board to present to you. 

 So right now I'm in the inspiration stages of project: masculine living spaces (living room & basement to be specific). The living room is very heavy & dark right now, but it's something I have to work with because the kitchen is not changing. I'll be selecting a new lighter paint color throughout, furniture & window treatments. I'm going to stay a little more traditional/transitional for the upstairs.

In the basement I'm looking to go a bit more modern. There are a couple of curved glass block walls in this space & the homeowner really wants to work with those. Otherwise, it's a blank slate down there. That's the room I'm most excited about!

While working on this project, here are some images that have inspired me so far:

I love the look of a big cognac leather sofa! And the accent chairs with mixed materials, like metal or wood with the fabric & leather -- perfection. 

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week & stay cool if your weather is anything like ours.